Client Reviews of Brent's Service (Updated January 23, 2018)

Chris Maiocca
Client TV Testimonial on The CW Channel 6

Chris Byrd
World Heavyweight Champion Chris Byrd and wife Tracy

Mike Foster
Sold a home with Brent and bought two homes with Brent

“We moved from Corona to Carlsbad with a very short, yet critical timeframe to find a home. Kids school, work timing, high standards for a new home and the fact that we had a contract with renters moving into the current home we were living in made for a complex house hunt. So I called Brent at Humpherys Homes because I knew that Brent would deliver like he had when we purchased another property in Downtown San Diego a few years earlier. Within 24 hours of looking with Brent, we had found an incredible home only to find out that our offer was the 3rd offer. Brent skillfully and strategically guided us through this process that had the seller accept our offer over the other two. It was pure genius. I love Brent’s energy, dedication and most of all his integrity. Both my wife and I knew through the entire process we were dealing with a pro. I usually don’t do endorsements like this but this is a no-brainer for me. If you’re looking for an agent, I highly recommend Humpherys Homes. And if I ever think about moving again (though not planning on it any time soon) Brent is my first and only call.”

Amy Pittman
Sold a home with Brent and bought two homes with Brent

“We were first time homebuyers, and Brent did a fantastic job educating us through the process and really listening to our concerns and desires to allow us to find our dream home. He is patient, helpful, and I felt like I was in really good hands with Brent in the home buying process while my husband was deployed in Afghanistan. I'd recommend him to my closest family and friends.”

Mike Stelzner
Sold a home with Brent

“We hired Brent to sell our home in a depressed market.

He was simply outstanding. He helped us identify many areas within our home that needed minor improvements to prepare for the sale. He also brought a talented video crew in to make our house look simply outstanding.

The day the home went on the market we had multiple interested parties. Within 48 hours we had multiple "above asking price" offers. Brent helped us every step of the way. This has been the best service we have ever had from a Realtor. I strongly recommend his firm."

Ron & Marie Smeltzer
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent

"Brent is very knowledgeable in the real estate business and was helpful with everything. He is trustworthy and advised us in a very professional way on what to do, and kept us informed. He was very reassuring, made us comfortable and explained everything. We know that society is moving so fast with all these new electronic things coming out, but Brent kept the pace slow and he kept it personal. He called us, he met with us, and it was an experience that we really enjoyed due to the time and effort he put into taking care of us. All I can say is that if you're going to buy a home or sell a home, call Brent at Humpherys Homes & Estates and just do it!"

Michael & Jackie Wiener
Bought a home with Brent

"When we started looking at homes, we knew we needed a good Realtor and I heard from a friend about Brent. After interviewing him, we knew immediately that Brent was the one for us. His passion for what he does is obvious from the moment you meet him. He knows what he's talking about and has so many happy clients. For our family, what really set Brent apart from every other Realtor we've worked with was his communication. No matter what, whenever we contacted Brent, he got right back with us. His communication was impeccable. We have expectations when we hire a Realtor, and at every step of the way, Brent met or exceeded our expectations, whether it was paperwork, seeing homes, or just giving his advice on different situations we were running into. It was Brent's experience he was able to draw upon which kept us in the right direction – and we couldn't have asked for more. Literally within minutes from any time I reached out to Brent, I had a response, whether it was signatures on paperwork or wanting to see a home. Immediately he responded. I've worked with Realtors my whole life, my family has been in real estate since I was a little girl and I know how this industry operates. Brent is a cut above the rest! Something else we loved about Brent that we've never experienced with any other agent was his attention to detail and his unwillingness to accept anything less than the best. Some Realtors might just want to sell you the first house you like, you put in an offer and off you go, but not with Brent. We liked a couple of houses and Brent said that the houses were good, but he was sure he could find something even better for us. Then lo and behold, he found us the perfect house that all we agreed was perfect. Brent was an AMAZING negotiator! We did not think we were going to get the home for the price we did. When it came to inspections, we ran into some trouble, as Brent didn't like some of the things which came back. We were excited about the house and wanted to move forward, but Brent encouraged us to do some additional inspections, including bringing in a structural engineer so we could feel safe and secure in this investment we were making. I was extremely happy having Brent on our team and we will use him forever! Having been very satisfied client of Brent's, we can tell you that whether you are selling a home or buying a home, Brent will help you make more money or save you more money. We loved Brent!"

Morgan & Molly McKeown
Sold a home with Brent

"We recently sold a home with Brent Humpherys and have been incredibly happy with everything from start to finish. Our transaction wasn't necessarily the easiest transaction, but Brent worked so hard to ensure that the transaction we wanted went through. We knew from the beginning that there were going to be some obstacles coming up along the way, but Brent worked tirelessly to ensure that those obstacles were taken completely out of our way and that the hurdles were cleared, especially when it came to the appraisal. Brent fought so hard to ensure that our home sold for what it was worth and gave us the best money we could possibly hope for with our sale. It was incredible to be able to walk through this whole process with Brent and find him there when we needed him. Brent helped us through everything we needed, being first time home sellers. Something we knew about Brent was that he has a lot of energy and he worked tirelessly to make sure we knew exactly what was going on, he communicated clearly and let us know when documents needed to be signed. Our home sale went pretty seamlessly. Overall we've been so happy with Brent and we are absolutely so thankful we chose him to be our Realtor. He's the best!"

Chad & Valerie Greer
Bought a home with Brent

“Thank you to Brent Humpherys from Humpherys Homes & Estates for our home buying experience! We've bought and sold a number of homes here in San Diego and Riverside County, but our experience with Brent was amazing. My wife had some specific needs in a home due to her illness, including a place without steps and certain things around the home for her to function appropriately. We let Brent know of these needs, and he moved on it and worked diligently to find the home we needed. We're so thankful for Brent's work in getting us the home we're in now. In addition to finding a home which meets one's criteria, there's a lot of other stress that goes into the home buying process. We are so thankful that Brent did not leave us or abandon us in the process, but stayed with us at every step of the way. He made us feel like a King and Queen getting our castle and it was so sweet to know that he was there. It's times like this which make it so important to find someone with integrity, and if you're looking for someone with integrity, you will find that in Brent Humpherys! We remember when we were in the process of making offers, it was also Brent's expertise in the industry which was there to guide us, and it was his experience that even helped the other Realtor in the process. Our experience with Brent was just phenomenal. We've bought and sold many homes, but this was by far our greatest experience.”

Chris Megison
Bought a home with Brent

“In this day and age with all of our electronic devices and social media, a time when we have become the most connected to each other in our history, why is it then that we find ourselves very much disconnected on a human level? Have we become the great connected disconnected society? Perhaps we have. But then there is Brent Humpherys. A guy that uses our God given connection devices as perhaps few in the world can - to build relationships and to REALLY connect in a personal face to face way that leaves you feeling heard, cared for - like your goals and dreams really really do matter to him. And I believe they do. Sure, he is a real estate broker. An extraordinary one at that - as he has helped my family get into our dream home. But really, I feel like Brent getting us into the home was just something that naturally happened along the way to developing a friendship, a deeper friendship, with a remarkable human being. Authentic. Passionate. Informed. All the above wrapped into one very mission driven guy who I felt (even though I knew he had many other clients) like I was his only client, his highest priority - my goals and mission became his goals and mission. If you want someone to buy or sell your house, there are hundreds of agents to choose from, you’ll probably find someone that can get it done for you. But if you want someone who will make your goals their goals, who will connect with you on a level that will make you feel special and cared for, then I invite you to check out Brent Humpherys. You’ll get your real estate needs taken care of, for sure, but along the way you’ll connect with one of the best human beings you’ll ever meet.”

Andy & Tabitha Cromer
Sold a home with Brent

"Brent recently sold our home in San Marcos, CA. He exceeded every expectation throughout our transaction. A good deal of trust is extended when selling your home and in our case we were hundreds of miles away, in another state. We had a high level of confidence in Brent, based on his track record but his communication skills and negotiating skills went far above our expectations. He embraced our scenario and over-delivered on each occasion. He took the extra time and visits to our home, all to serve our needs. We couldn't be happier with our experience and results. Brent demonstrated integrity, skill and caring unlike any service professional that we have ever dealt with. It's our pleasure to recommend Brent Humpherys for your real estate needs."

Roland Fleck
Sold a home with Brent

"Brent brought me a buyer for my house before it was even officially listed as for sale. He skillfully managed the sale and obtained a sale price higher than any resale in the neighborhood since the real estate crash in 2008-2009. I am totally satisfied with the transaction and will use Brent to manage any of my real estate transactions in the future. He is honest, thorough, diligent and responds very quickly to emails, phone or text messages. He has my highest recommendation."

Chico Goff
Bought a home with Brent

"I have known Brent for 20 plus years. He is a friend first, but a tremendous agent that you will not be disappointed in. Brent helped me buy a home in 2015. My life went through a very difficult time which made for a complex transaction. Brent handled all the details with grace and professionalism. I couldn't be more pleased with his level of service. There are lots of agents to choose from but few can get the deal done with the skill and care of Brent."

Jeannine Kurtzman
Sold a home with Brent

"I am truly grateful for Brent's work with my parents in selling their home. He is bright, extremely professional and has great command of his field of real estate. He is extremely prolific, organized, punctual, has impeccable integrity, and is genuinely kind and engaging. His business style is a rare find today....a work ethic that is reminiscent of the 50s when people did excellent work simply because they were quality people. In this case, you have a realtor with a great work ethic, but also someone who is very gifted in their field. I found Brent while carefully searching the internet for the best realtor in No. San Diego county (from my home in Orange County). I felt it was important to write this review because I myself have benefitted enormously from reading reviews such as this in finding a star like Brent. We highly recommend!"

David & Alicia Erikson
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent

"My wife and I called up Brent after we saw him hustle and secure my parent’s home a few years ago. Brent was awesome! He came to our home to do an initial walk-through where he gave us a list of things to prepare it for market, then he arrived with a professional photographer. The photographer he used brought in all kinds of tripods, lights, and other gadgets. It felt like he was photographing our home for a magazine. Brent consulted with us clearly on what hours we'd want our home to be shown, how much notice, etc. He then followed up with realtors after every showing and he was able to get us into a multiple offer situation! Thanks to Brent's negotiation, we got everything we wanted, and even got us a 45-day rent-back on our home as a safety net to allow us the time we needed to close on the new home he was helping us buy. I think when it was all said and done, what we appreciated most about Brent was his enthusiasm, passion in his work, his attention to detail, and clear communication so we were always in the loop on everything going on. Brent truly loves helping people buy and sell homes and you can see it written all over his face when he's working. We know that Brent sells a lot of homes, but he always gave us all the time we needed and communicated with us daily. When we called, we always got Brent, not an assistant or admin. Brent got us more than we were expecting for our home and negotiated like a pro. We recommend him highly to sell your home, buy a home, or both."

Joe & Kristin Tugaw
Bought a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

"Brent was simply stellar and always had our best interests in mind. We first met Brent when seeing one of his signs outside a listing he had in Oceanside. The sign said “text or call” and so we texted him a request to see the home. Brent responded immediately and arrived punctually the next day at our requested time. As he took us through the home, he wasn't anything like the many Realtors we used over the years. Instead, he was a professional consultant, showcasing the home while also being uniquely attentive to OUR needs and aspirations. It was evident in the first few minutes that Brent has many years under his belt and it showed. Believe it or not, we actually purchased the home and Brent was quick to disclose in writing the process and the unique details of serving as a dual agent who represented the seller and the buyer..." See more

Don & Joanna Courter
Bought a home with Brent

"We met Brent through a mutual friend. I first contacted him online when we were first thinking about relocating from Northern California to San Diego. His quick response was impressive! He was very helpful when sending us info on different neighborhoods, different schools, and what we could get for  our price point. Our relocation was a little different in that we weren't being forced to move, we were deciding if we wanted to move. And that all depended on if we could get the kind of house and neighborhood that we wanted. Well, Brent came through! We flew down for a weekend with our kids and Brent was very patient showing us different neighborhoods in San Diego..." See more

Don & Shirley Van Noy
Bought a home with Brent

"As NorCal buyers aiming to purchase in a specific area of North San Diego County with several special considerations, we offered Brent a challenge. Whether in person or via electronic communications, He was always professional, friendly, helpful, informed, courteous, quick to look into things for us and a pleasure (and fun) to be with - while engaging closely with us to meet our specific needs and help us locate a home. Working with Brent, various online resources, and family in the area, we were able to locate a great home meeting all our needs with a terrific pool and yard. Even after the purchase Brent continued to go out of his way to lend a hand with things at the house while we were in NorCal preparing to move. I would recommend Brent to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Southern California."

Ho-Jhin Lee
Bought a home with Brent

"Brent Humpherys is honest, intelligent, thoughtful, and reliable. Upon a friend's referral, we decided to seek his expertise in searching for an investment property. Brent exceeded our expectations in successfully purchasing a property. Throughout the stressful and unusual process, he remained our  strong advocate and wealth of knowledge to navigate us through the hurdles. He was so patient with us as we wavered in making up our mind and did not in any way pressure us to go in one particular direction. We would not hesitate to call him should we need his expertise again."

Steven & Stephanie McKay
Bought a home with Brent and sold a home with Brent

"Brent just assisted us in two real estate transactions. His expertise and professionalism is unparalleled....during our long journey together, we experienced it all!! We were only moving a short distance from Temecula to Fallbrook, but unforeseen circumstances seem to creep up around every corner. Brent successfully navigated us through and in the end, we are in our dream home. If I had to choose one word to describe Brent it would be accessible; I will miss the early morning email exchanges and the evening text updates. We were informed along the way and Brent made sure we clearly understood every aspect of both the sale and purchase. We never felt in the dark or unsure. Brent truly cares for each of his clients, and their families. Real estate is not just a job to him; it is his passion. If you are buying or selling, definitely give Brent a call!"

Sitka Morelli
Bought a home with Brent

"I first met Brent at a resort where I manage the marketing and we connected on Facebook. Over the months which followed, I observed daily interaction between Brent and his clients in my newsfeed and saw in Brent a real hustle for those he served. I'm not sure which he has more of, energy or love for the business, but he found his calling. I approached Brent in late 2015 with a need to buy a home in North County, but there was very little on the market and homes were getting gobbled up fast with multiple offers. When I reached out to Brent, he responded in what seemed like a matter of seconds, and he advised me on the purchase process, connected me with his lender, and we sat down to go over the features which were important to me in a home. Working with Brent was really interesting, as I never saw him with a tablet or sheet of paper. He just listens and remembers everything..." See more

Chris & Robin Maiocca
Bought a home with Brent

"Brent undoubtedly deserves all the accolades he has received over the years. I would argue, however, that Brent's level of service and professionalism far transcends any particular vocation.

What I mean is this: It is simply not enough to say "Brent is the best real estate agent you will ever find." I would strongly suggest that Brent may be the most competent professional you will ever find - in any sector. To watch him work would be akin to watching Kelly Slater surf, Michelangelo paint, or Frank Lloyd Wright design a home. It is simply poetry in motion." See more

Jeff Barker
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent
Two International Relocation Transactions

"I have known Brent for over 10 years now and my family has used him on multiple occasions in terms of Real Estate in the San Diego area.

But to pinpoint Brent under Real Estate only, would be a massive understatement. Brent ensures his clients needs & requirements are of the highest priority and he does this with a level of energy and urgency that is rarely seen nowadays.

We recently purchased a house with Brent's support and the process could not have been smoother and any more all encompassing. We had a complex move with both high and low level needs and Brent was instrumental in ensuring they all were met with high standards.

It is safe to say that I highly recommend Brent and am assured to work again with him in the future."

Bob & Vicky Coughlin
Bought a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

"We met Brent a year ago as we were considering a cross country move to the San Diego area. We were greatly impressed with him right from the start and even before we met him in person. He went out of his way to accommodate our very short first trip to San Diego to view homes. After seeing many homes, we ended up selecting one of Brent's listings that we wanted to make an offer on (and that we eventually purchased). It can be a delicate situation when the realtor represents both parties, but Brent really bent over backwards to be fair and upfront with both parties. We quickly found out that we could fully trust Brent and that he was looking out for our best interest, even if it meant the loss of a sale.

Purchasing our home was truly a great experience with our fabulous realtor and great sellers. So with that said, we wanted to point out why Brent is the best realtor to go with if you are either selling or purchasing a home. He has a plethora of strong points, so where do we start? We went to the Internet to see what attributes the "best" real estate professional should have and then assessed these for Brent. The "top ten list" is from

Knowledge. Brent clearly demonstrated a superior knowledge of all aspects of the real estate business.

Network of Connections. Brent has a wide network of people in the industry, including other realtors, and professionals in the financing, escrow, title, and inspection businesses. Those people had the highest regard for Brent.

Understand the local housing market. Brent continuously made it apparent that he thoroughly knows the area, including historical details, market trends, and location specifics.

Attention to detail. It can't get much better than Brent. He is a stickler for details from real estate laws to minor issues with homes.

Engaging personality. Can't say enough here. Brent is extremely personable and a pleasure to work with.

Interest in houses and architecture. Brent was great at pointing out pros and cons of houses, neighborhoods, interior and exterior design details.

Hustle and tenacity. Brent's responses to our questions and issues were always quick and thorough. He was always in "go mode", but never made it seem like he didn't have enough time for us.

Honesty and integrity. In any relationship, trust is essential, and once again, Brent gets an A+,

Self-motivated entrepreneur. Brent absolutely loves his profession, knows how to do it right, and is always looking for ways to do things better.

Problem solver. Definitely another sterling point for Brent. On our planned closing day with a moving truck scheduled for the following day, we ran into multiple last-minute issues that were going to cause a day or two delay. Brent jumped into action and drove others to get it all done by the end of the day."

Jim & Dee Ann DeWitt
Sold a home with Brent

"Brent did a FANTASTIC job for us! We were in a bit of a time crunch and he sold our house in five days. Plus, he got us the price we needed. Throughout the process Brent gave us clear advice and followed up quickly on every request we had and requests the buyer had. It was crystal clear that Brent knows the local market and the overall business. He was a pleasure."

Zeno Rausa
Bought a home with Brent

"I was in the Navy so moved around a lot. Each time buying and selling a property, using differently realtors every time. I stumbled across Brent when I called on a condo I was interested in that was advertised on Trulia. From the first minute I communicated with Brent, I felt compelled to give him a try. He mentioned he wanted to hustle for me. This was refreshing as many realtors didn't hustle at all, and often made me feel like I was inconveniencing them to see a wide range of properties.

Brent was ten fold better than the next best realtor on my list. He always hustled. We saw well over 40 properties and the level of Brent's enthusiasm never waned.

He treated every transaction like it was his own home he was purchasing.

Brent used his superior competency in the field to help me back out of a property that had physical inspection safety and liability concerns. He also advised when the other lawyer used unethical behavior in the transaction. I simply didn't know all the legal protections I had and Brent saved me on this deal.

Most of all, Brent is a blast to be around. He made it fun.

My experience with Brent was amazing. I still use several professionals in other areas (like home inspections, tax prep, etc) that Brent recommended.

Additional Review: "Brent is absolutely exceptional. With so much at stake when making a home purchase, there a few qualities your realtor should have. First, your realtor must be honest. Second, your realtor must treat the transaction as if it were their very own. Third, your realtor must be competent in the entire process. Fourth, your realtor must be hilarious! Brent dominates all of these qualities. Our family is so blessed to have someone of such high caliber who represented us! Thank you Brent."

Deepu John
Sold a home with Brent

"Brent sold my home. When I complete any sale (in real estate or otherwise) I ask myself 3 questions. a) Did the agent CLOSE the deal? b) Did the agent have my best interest in mind? c) Would I work with this agent again? My answer to Brent's work on my home sale is a resounding Yes to each of these questions. And its as simple as that. The rest are details.

He was very responsive. We got along well and he was great at incorporating my thoughts into his way of doing things while also protecting me from myself when needed. He did not push me to close on the deal for his expediency. Managed the Multiple Bid Offer very well. Overall a great experience working with Brent. I recommend him wholeheartedly."

Cindy Stone
Bought a home with Brent

"I would do business with Brent again in a heartbeat! Brent is a true professional. He knows how to maneuver through the buying transaction as smooth as possible. The sellers side was not nearly as knowledgeable as I'd hope and Brent guided them through the transaction process as well. He responds in a timely fashion. You know he personally cares that you are happy every step of the way, even after closing. I am thrilled I contacted Brent to help me through the largest purchase of my life. I was confident in his ability every step of the way. If I could give him 10 stars I would, he is truly incredible!

He was very responsive. We got along well and he was great at incorporating my thoughts into his way of doing things while also protecting me from myself when needed. He did not push me to close on the deal for his expediency. Managed the Multiple Bid Offer very well. Overall a great experience working with Brent. I recommend him wholeheartedly."

Michelle Laffan
Sold a home with Brent

"Brent sold my very modest family home of 40 years. The California property was in probate after my father's passing, and Brent maneuvered all the special legal steps with ease. Though he did not make a large profit on this particular sale, Brent always treated us with the utmost respect, sensitivity, professionalism, and honesty, making me feel like I was selling a multi-million dollar home. I felt like I had a realtor who was out of my league!

I have never come across any private or professional individual or organization who excels at communication like Brent. He would return a call or email with shocking promptness. When face to face, I had his undivided attention. Brent researched every detail of every aspect of our sale and how to best market the home, and was patient and committed at all times, even though we'd spent nearly a year with Brent before even putting the home on the market. Brent was so obviously transparent to me about his findings and made everything understandable to me and to the family.

I trusted him to guide me through the process, since he is the professional, and following all his advice made for an easier and profitable sale for me. When asked, he shared his gut feeling about situations and he was right each time. I periodically consulted my brother, who is a realtor, asking for his input. I trust my brother immeasurably, and he always confirmed that Brent's advice was spot-on.

Brent is in command of all details in all the right ways. When he brought us multiple offers on the home, he guided us and helped us not be overwhelmed with all of the decisions. He is clearly a perfectionist, yet balanced with total humility. I am beyond fortunate to have worked with Brent Humpherys."

Mat and Katherine Riggs
Sold two homes with Brent and bought with Brent

"We recently used Brent for the third time! Four and a half years ago he sold our condo and then we purchased a home with him after that. This time we had Brent sell our home as we had decided to move back home to Mammoth Lakes. We called Brent up and while he was excited for another transaction he was bummed we were moving out of the area. We set up a meeting to go over when would be a good timeframe to list and landed on mid to the end of April. We were still in the middle of a handful of home upgrade projects that we wanted to complete before the sale. Brent gave his professional advice on what items should be tucked away and stored in the garage and what items would make certain areas look more open so we would be prepared for the photographer when it came time. As was our experience previously with Brent, he went with what felt like above and beyond service. Don't get me wrong, Brent is as professional as they come but he is also a genuinely nice person who cares about your family and making sure everyone understands all the steps in the process as well.

We listed on a Thursday around 5 pm and we already had our first offer by 8:30 am. We kept showing all weekend and (if my memory serves me correct) we had like 13 offers with five of them above asking. We went through some hiccups at first with some less than professional agents but Brent was able to navigate through all the intricacies of getting a buyer back in place and escrow open. Home buying and selling is a stressful thing as it is. Brent really takes so much of that stress away and makes it a much more pleasant experience. Next time we buy it won't be anywhere near him but I so wish I could just take Brent and put him in my pocket! He's seriously the best and he will be a very hard act to follow!

Thanks for everything Brent!!"

Adrian Castaneda
Sold two homes with Brent

"Years ago, Brent Humpherys sold my mother's house in Oceanside and skillfully managed a difficult market and a difficult tenant, getting me in contract with the right buyer and at a price which made me happy. He earned the 5-star review I gave him then, but this year I threw an opportunity at Brent which was so complicated and required serious determination and hustle. The family home I grew up in since the 1970s had just about every issue one could imagine, and Brent faced each challenge with skill, grace and the encouragement that he'd stand with me and face everything that was thrown at us. I made the mistake of hiring another agent who offered me a discounted listing commission and I paid dearly for that mistake. My home sat on the market for months and there were no offers. That's when I called Brent and asked for his help again. I was really embarrassed that I didn't call him first, but Brent was understanding and shared what he would do to get my home sold this time. He arrived with a professional photographer who took absolutely stunning pictures of my home. My wife and I looked at them and barely recognized our house! Then the sign was delivered and Brent emailed me a copy of the listing. It was nothing short of a masterpiece! My phone started ringing with showings and then the offers came in. I think Brent lives to negotiate deals, as he worked hard at looking at all the angles, what the best price would be and how to represent me in the best manner possible. He advised me about all the next steps, patiently worked with me in getting all of the disclosures together, and kept me informed every day on what was happening, when the inspections were scheduled, when the appraiser was coming, and then managed the process with the buyer's repair requests. He even helped me with getting my home tented and having several thousand dollars of termite and wood work billed to escrow so I wouldn't have to pay out of pocket. A few weeks into the escrow process, his title people found a lien on my home which had been paid but never signed off. Brent actually contacted the person who needed to sign off and helped negotiate an agreement to get the lien removed. There were so many days I thought the deal was not going to close and we'd be back on the market, but Brent never, ever gave up. He faced this and every detail on the transaction like a pro! A few days before we were going to close escrow, we received a legal notice from a third party and the title company said they would not close the deal. Brent promptly called the person back and shared what he was able to share with them, then patiently waited as attorneys got in a huddle to figure out next steps. After about a week of working with attorneys and reviewing everything, my home was cleared to close and Brent drove over to my home and actually helped me with the movers. I can't say enough about Brent's dedication to his clients and determination to get them the very best service, price and experience. Brent did make one mistake in the process though: after he came over and we posed in front of a sold sign, he forgot to take his sold sign with him when he left. I told him he'd better order a replacement, as he's going to need one when I call him to sell my next home in two years. If you are looking for an agent who will not tire, will not grow weary, will accept every challenge like an opportunity, who negotiation is like the oxygen he needs to survive, who will put excellence into everything he does, says and touches, then call Brent. And if you have a concern about what a discount agent can offer and what Brent offers, call me. I'll be happy to share how what I paid Brent got me more money when all was said and done."

Manisha Phadnis
Bought a home with Brent
International Relocation

"Very lucky to have this wonderful, humorous man, Brent Humphreys to represent us as our Realtor. Contacted him once from overseas about 2 months ago. The rest has been a blessing in disguise. Moving back to the US after many years, he not only reassured us that he would do anything he could to move us into a home ASAP, but he was there every step of the way. Very quick to respond, as well as question any flags along the way. Definitely a good man and a GREAT Realtor. Would recommend him any day!"

Dion Byrd
Bought a home with Brent

"I wish I could give Brent 10 stars! Hands down the most courteous, professional, and hard-working agent in the business. As a first-time home buyer, my wife and I were in way over our heads trying to navigate the daunting process of purchasing a home. Brent removed the anxiety and walked us through the process step-by-step answering every question along the way until we were handed our keys. There is no time he is not available; even checking on us after his normal business hours to see if we had any additional questions. Brent was there for every showing, every walkthrough (once we selected our home), every meeting with the builder, and even there at our closing. I highly recommend Brent for any new or seasoned homebuyer; he cares!!"

Paul Cloutier
Bought a home with Brent
International Relocation

"Moving from the UK to San Diego was stressful and difficult finding the right location just by viewing the Internet. Brent went above and beyond to focus much of his time to show us homes and areas as soon as the planes wheels hit the runway. Very dedicated, knows the local area, builders, models, comparative prices, and negotiated a fabulous price. Highly recommend his expertise and personality! Congenial attitude, humor, and willingness to accommodate a buyers needs."

Jason & Jennifer Brackley
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent's partner agent

"Brent was referred to my husband and I by a mutual friend. Brent is extremely knowledgeable, ethical and passionate about the real estate business. He answered all of my questions and then some, was available anytime and truly went above and beyond to get our home sold as quick as possible. Brent was also going to help us purchase our home in Temecula but when a family emergency came up he was honest and helpful enough to refer a colleague to help us purchase our home ASAP. We would (and have) refer Brent to anyone we know. We will continue to use Brent for all our future real estate needs."

Jeff & Katy Whitcher
Bought a home with Brent

Jeff and Katy both wrote reviews. Jeff writes:

"Our family has had the good fortune and the honor of knowing Brent Humpherys for a few years. We have been blessed in knowing who this man truly is and for what he stands. When it came time for us to transition from renters to owners, we knew Brent would be the only phone call we would make. Throughout the entire process, Brent treated us like multi-million dollar clients. His communication was prompt, his insights and instructions were thorough, and his thoughtfulness and attention to details was inspirational. There are few in life that truly, genuinely..." See more

Bruce & Janet Lawrence
Bought a home with Brent, then sold a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

“Since all the comments that have been posted about Brent are filled with praise and compliments, I thought that I would list some of the things that I don’t like about Brent and the service that he renders.
I don’t like that he makes his clients feel extra special. It’s such a disappointment when dealing with the rest of the world.
I don’t like that he returns calls promptly. Really….who does that in the business world?!
I don’t like that after you meet him, he becomes “family”! Now we will be having to change our wills.
I don’t like that he offers to do things for you..." See more

John & Rachel Faulkner
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent

“I would highly recommend Brent Humpherys from Humpherys Homes & Estates for anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a home. Brent has been an amazing Realtor to work with. Our experience selling and buying with him has been one of “fate.”
We met Brent a few years back from a referral, when we were looking to sell our home. We were clearly underwater at the time and were looking for options to sell. Brent was patient with us, and we spoke, met, or emailed over a two year period until the market was back up and were able to list our house. When it was time to list our home, he met with us and walked us through the process so that we were involved and understood every step. Our house was listed for less than 24 hours..." See more

Taekjin & Lilliene Shin
Bought a home with Brent

“We loved our experience with Brent! We were moving to San Diego from the Midwest, and had a really tall order for him to fulfill, and he made it happen. Not only is he a competent and knowledgeable Realtor, but he is honest and trustworthy. He shows he cares in so many ways, and we knew he was truly on our side and looking out for our best interest throughout the whole home buying process. Because we had to do most of our house hunting from far away, we had to rely on Brent in so many ways. We were unfamiliar with the San Diego real estate market, which we heard is perhaps one of the most challenging markets for home buyers, so Brent's expert knowledge was incredibly valuable to us. We felt completely confident relying on his competent guidance. When we spotted potential homes on the web, Brent would visit the properties for us and give us a detailed report about the home with concrete, realistic information. During the escrow period, we encountered several roadblocks. Once again, Brent went above and beyond the call of duty and took ownership of the process, which involved visiting the properties multiple times to secure the deal. We felt so lucky to have him represent us, and now we are very happy to call San Diego home. We couldn't have done this complicated cross-country relocation without Brent. His sense of loyalty and integrity is unparalleled, and we are proud to call him our agent as well as friend. We recommend him to anyone who has any real estate needs!"

Ryan & Jenna Nienhuis
Bought a home with Brent

“We were put in touch with Brent through a mutual friend and from the beginning it was clear that Brent really knew ALL things real estate. As first time buyers, it was extremely important for us to have an agent who would answer all of our questions thoroughly and be patient with our needs. We ended up putting an offer on the first home he showed us! Initially, we did not get the house due to a higher offer and were so devastated. We waited it out and with Brent's guidance ended up securing the home after the other offer fell out of escrow. We learned more than we ever thought possible in those 30 days of escrow about buying a home and Brent was there to answer every question with honesty and transparency. Brent and his assistant Ashley are true professionals and are fun to work with in the process! Thank you for helping us find the best starter home - we are so happy!"

Billy Fogel
Sold a home with Brent

“Recently, I had the opportunity to sell a home. In working to find an agent it seemed everyone knew someone that was in the industry and wanted to make recommendations. As a sales professional, the value of referrals goes a long way with me. I was taken aback at the frequency of referrals I was getting for Brent Humpherys. I had been told by several people that Brent was the professional to consult with. Many of the people that had referred Brent were some that had done business with and some that had never done any business with him. My wife and I sat with Brent and his assistant Ashley for initially what was supposed to be a brief interview. It lasted well over that and it was due to Brents ability to really connect with his clients and genuinely be interested in what is important to the sellers. Brents knowledge of the market and process as well as his explanation of activity during the transaction were above reproach. I found him to be responsive and compassionate and an extremely effective negotiator. I am well pleased with Brent and his ability to personalize the real estate experience. If you are looking to buy or sell a home - you would do yourself a disservice by not calling and speaking with Brent to see how he can make your transaction a success!!!"

Micah & Alice Wei
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent

“When we decided to sell our condo, we knew there was only one person to call: Brent Humpherys! Brent is very knowledgeable, attentive, trustworthy, energetic and funny. He advocates for you at every turn. Throughout the process Brent was always accessible and made us feel like we were his only clients. In reality, he was juggling several at one time! He kept us updated every step of the way, answered all of our questions, and gave us helpful recommendations when needed. The entire experience was beyond excellent! We look forward to working with Brent when we purchase our next home!"

Noelle Hill
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent

“Out of all the agents we have used none of them have compared to Brent.
Quick, witty, knowledgeable and truly a champion at what he does.
Brent will even add a little humor just when things might seem stressful. He is superb at his job!

When we contacted Brent he had our house on the market within 24 hours. He also had our home sold the first day it went on the market. Amazing! Any problems or battles that came up through loans being completed, etc., Brent tackled them with a 110%..." See more

Erik T. & Tina A.
Sold with Brent and bought with Brent

“There are not enough words to express what an amazing experience it was to work with Brent Humpherys in the sale of our home. Brent will make you feel as if you are his only client and do so by delivering top-notch world class service! He made sure we signed our papers, returned all our phone calls and emails right away and always the same day, kept us in the loop every step of the way, and treated us like we were selling a 10 million dollar home..." See more

Lucinda Erickson
Sold a home with Brent

“There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe Brent, his expertise, customer service, and level of integrity.
It was a difficult time, selling the family home of 50 years, but Brent made it an (almost) enjoyable experience. If it had to be done, he was the right man for the job!
I know Brent had many transaction in various stages during the time he was working with us, but Brent's care and concern about our particular situation made us feel like we were his only clients, and 100% of his attention and time were focused on us.
His knowledge about the real estate market and legal considerations continued to impress me, and raise my respect and esteem throughout our client/broker relationship. Anyone who would have the opportunity to work with Brent should grab it and hold on for a great experience and enjoyable ride."

Luis Busquets
Bought a home with Brent and sold a home with Brent

“Brent was great. I was looking for a home specifically in Carlsbad with VA financing, which can be less appealing to sellers in today's market. Brent helped me put together a good offer. After a brief and reasonable negotiation, my offer was accepted. Brent was always accessible and he always had pertinent paperwork put together and out the door quickly. I would definitely recommend him to others."

David & Andrea Parillo
Bought a home with Brent and sold a home with Brent

“We literally looked for our forever home for 2 years dragging Brent all over north San Diego County until we found the home of our dreams. We hadn't moved in 15 years so the process was overwhelming and a bit scary but Brent was there every step of the way. He responded usually within minutes to all my questions and calmed me down whenever I got frazzled (which was often). We are settling in nicely to our new home and can't thank Brent enough for making our dreams come true. I would highly recommend Brent to represent you in the buying and selling process. He is very ethical and genuinely tries to provide a positive experience for his clients!"

Dan & Emily Hanratty
Bought a home with Brent and sold a home with Brent

“Brent helped my wife and I purchase our first home in April. We had fairly specific wants and needs and Brent was able to deliver us prospective houses that always met those guidelines. He was very patient, punctual, understanding and always responsive to our needs. I have recommended Brent to my family and friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Brent!"

Mandel & Lisa Mickley
Sold a home with Brent

“I would recommend Brent Humpherys to anyone I know looking for an agent. He is a principled man of high character with tenacity, creativity, and seemingly never ending energy. We had a very challenging home to sell that took a significant amount of time to find the right buyer. Then once in escrow, we had an even more challenging escrow. Throughout the entire process, he was always available to answer any questions, consistently coming up with additional strategies to move the process along, and committed to the end to a successful outcome. We are very thankful to Brent for all that he did in getting our home sold. To me the biggest endorsement, is the fact that I now consider Brent a trusted friend, not just my Realtor."

Rich & April Viles
Bought a home with Brent

“We would recommend Brent Humpherys to any and all looking to buy or sell a home. Brent’s attention to service is unparalleled; he truly cares about you and your home becoming a trusted friend through the process. You will feel as though your transaction is his transaction, as every step of the way he is there to handle even the smallest of details. No matter the challenges with the other party, Brent is there with solutions to move the deal forward, despite the other party’s obstacles, resulting in your family’s successful home purchase or sale."

Edgar & Eileen Sanchez
Bought a home with Brent

Both Edgar and Eileen published reviews. Edgar writes:

“Brent was a blessing to our family. In particular, I want to mention the extra-mile effort he gave to our home purchase. He moved quickly to complete all forms and drove the seller's realtor to do the same so that we could close within our desired timeline. Brent is a must have partner for anyone considering a home purchase!"

Eileen writes:

"We were referred to Brent by a mutual friend and from the very first moment we met him we knew we had found the right person to help our family buy our first home here in southern California. Brent was a great blessing since he knew the area. He set our expectations regarding home pricing and areas we could afford. He was also responsive - a phone call or text away! Always welcoming our questions. We would totally recommend him to anyone looking for a home."

Steven & Kellee Ybarra
Sold a home with Brent

“We are very thankful to have Brent as our agent. He really takes the time to listen to our requests, concerns and answers and all of our questions. He loves what he does, it is very evident. He knows how to integrate social media in creative ways to market your home. We would recommend him to anyone who is considering selling their home. He understands it is a major transition in life and truly cares about his clients."

Michelle Lee
Sold two homes with Brent and bought a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

“Brent has helped us with two homes sales and one home purchase. If we still lived in the area, I would absolutely use him again. He consistently sets himself apart from the many choices of agents and really took great care of us in each of our transactions. Brent is always responsive and dedicates the time to build a relationship with clients. I highly recommend Brent for your real estate needs."

Mark Safford & Marilynn Miller
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent

“This review is late as we closed on August 20th, but it is late because neither of us could come up with the words to clearly state just how wonderful our experience with Brent was and we thought maybe time would help us clarify our thoughts. That hasn't happened, so I am just going for it!

If you are someone like me who has always thought that Realtors weren't worth the 6%, then Brent is the Realtor for you! He had many other clients and deals going while we worked with him but we always felt like he was giving us his full attention..." See more

Sarah Davis
Bought a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

“Brent is a pro - super responsive, friendly and professional. He knows just what he's doing and I absolutely trust him. It was a great experience working with him!"

Kristyn Kohut
Bought a home with Brent

“Brent is a diligent, creative, wonderful agent! I started working with him after house hunting for over a year. With Brent's help, I closed on my new home less than two months later!

I told Brent right off the bat that I needed an agent who would fight for me - he did that by presenting creative solutions to any problem that arose..." See more

Lindsey Bell
Sold a home with Brent and bought a home with Brent

"We worked with Brent Humpherys at Humpherys Homes to both buy and sell our homes this year. On both ends, it was an absolute pleasure, even for a woman who was 7 months pregnant and not so rationale! In selling our house, Brent came over and spent time with us walking through the property giving suggestions on how to make the house more marketable. We implemented his suggestions, he sent over his professional photographer..." See more

Lucas &
Tabitha Pratt
Bought a home with Brent

"Brent came highly recommended to us by trusted members of our family and community. My wife and I feel very blessed that Brent worked with us--He was professional, energetic, passionate, knowledgeable, and extremely efficient throughout the entire process. I hear that buying a home is usually a several month process, but one month after we contacted Brent to be our Realtor, we closed on our house!Although I know that Brent is an extremely busy man, he treated my wife and I as if we were his only clients.

Needless to say, I cannot recommend Brent any more highly--we are his clients for life, and will be telling all of our friends and family about him!
Thanks, Brent!!"

Kevin Hecker
& Darla Goforth
Sold a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

"We found the home selling experience with Brent Humpherys of Humpherys Homes & Estates to be both of professionalism and excellence. Brent was always quick to respond to our many questions, concerns and requests with the utmost of pertinent information and to our satisfaction. Because of his knowledge in his field, he kept us abreast of what was coming and we never had any unexpected surprises. This made a daunting experience much more palatable. Brent was strong and persuasive in representing our negotiations, and bringing our sell to a smooth close. I would gladly recommend Brent and his company to any buyer or seller if honest, thorough, reputable and smooth transactions are what you are looking forThanks again Brent."

Jeff Skarda
Sold a home with Brent

"Brent is one of the most personal individuals I know, he really connects with everyone he makes contact with. He's punctual, reliable, and his team at Humpherys is top notch!! I've known Brent for years, so when we closed as quickly as we did I almost regretted not getting to spend more time doing business with him! Seriously, Brent took care of every aspect which was of great value especially since we were out of state sellers."

Bob & Suze Weissberg
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent

"We wish that we could give Brent Humpherys 10 stars! Brent sold our home in San Marcos for top dollar, and closed escrow, in a record 15 days! We were amazed!Brent really watches out for his clients and ALWAYS puts their needs first. He is the consummate communicator, you are never sitting wondering what is going on with your property or what the status of your escrow is..." See more

Tim & Lesli
Bought a home with Brent

"Brent Humpherys came into our lives at an important point to shepherd us through the process of purchasing a home. He gave the best of his time and thoughts and initiative, and was able to secure a home at a fair price for both parties. Without him, the acquisition simply wouldn't have happened. Time and again, when the deal seemed to falter, Brent kept it alive with new ideas and tenacity. He is a living illustration of the best in professional brokering, and we learned a lot from him. We are also grateful for the friendship that emerged during the process and look forward to opportunities to build on it in the future. We know for certain it will be to Brent Humpherys we will turn for future transactions."

Jason Lau
Sold two homes and purchased two homes with Brent
Dual Agency Client

“I don't know how we could have gotten as much money for our home in this downturn economy if it wasn't for Brent. He worked professionally and diligently, accommodating our crazy schedules which included juggling a toddler and a newborn. He was able to connect us with a cash buyer who paid above market value for our home, and he leveraged his expertise to protect and guide us throughout the transaction. I highly value integrity and trust, and for those two qualities, I have no higher recommendation then Brent Humpherys..." See more

Jen Drury
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent

“5 STAR rating - "As Good As It Gets!"

A big shout out to Brent Humpherys of Humpherys Homes and Estates!

Brent is such a gentleman, that takes the time to care about each of his many clients AND their families. He is nothing like the majority of the agents out there who are just trying to make a buck without..." See more

Jerry and Tamara Mullison
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent

"I first met Brent in 2013 when my husband and I decided to sell our home in Venzano in San Marcos. I was immediately comfortable with Brent, and we listed our home that very afternoon. Brent is extremely professional and friendly, and he has enormous energy. His photographer is wonderful, and his expertise in marketing through all available on-line resources made us feel comfortable that our house would be displayed well to as many people as possible. Not only did Brent encourage us to be a bit more aggressive with our price...." See more

Katherine Riggs
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent

“Brent has been a wonderful blessing for selling our condo and now for purchasing our next home. He was referred to us by a dear friend whom Brent had sold her condo just months before. Before we even realized we were going to be selling our condo to purchase a larger space, she told us about Brent. Then once we found out we were expecting our first child she had mentioned him at least two more times and insisted we use him..." See more

Tim & Natasha Swan
Bought a home with Brent

“Moving from WA to CA we found ourselves in need of a real estate professional that could help us find a new home. Some good friends from the area recommended that we give Brent a call and promised that he could deliver. They were correct! With the ever changing world of real estate and the mess of banking/lending issues, having someone that knows how to navigate the waters is absolutely critical. Brent proved his worth as we found ourselves in love with a home that was represented by a less than stellar agent..." See more

Marcus Preciado
Bought a home with Brent

“I am happy to say that Brent is my Realtor! His passion and expertise made our whole experience not only positive but actually kind of fun. I was very impressed with his attention to detail and his tenacious negotiation skills. Another thing that really sets Brent apart is his commitment to service after the sale. He's followed up with us many times after our home closed and has been wonderful to many families who we've referred to him. If you are looking for a Realtor who genuinely cares about the client and is super great at his craft, use Brent. It's been 10 years since he sold us our home and we're still excited about actively referring our friends and family to him. If you are looking for a Realtor, use Brent. He’s great!"

Charlie Jewett
Sold and bought with Brent 10 or more times.
Dual Agency Client

“I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and I have chosen to hire Brent Humpherys as my Consultant, Negotiator and Transaction Manager on almost every personal transaction I have done (We have purchased 15 homes and sold 11 in 6 years). In each and every case I paid the full commission as I am well aware of how much money he was saving me/making me with just his negotiating skills alone. I am not aware of any Real Estate Professional (even any human being for that matter) who can negotiate a transaction for the benefit of the buyer..." See more

Debora Galan
Interstate Referral with Brent's partner agent


I wanted to thank you so very much for your invaluable assistance in finding a Realtor to assist me and my family during a very difficult time. I was so discouraged and disappointed by the lack of interest and care shown by a Realtor my mom had signed with; clearly not understanding that my mother was terminally ill and she was trying to finish up her affairs..." See more

Won Kim
Sold a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

“The great thing about Brent is his ability to be your advocate. He is a fighter and is probably the hardest working agent I have met. He juggles million dollar homes as well as $300k condos like mine. He was able to navigate the difficult task of a short sale with a loan that had a first and a 2nd both from 2 different banks. Due to my first failure of a short sale my 1st lien was sent to Seterus (a loan servicer) while my 2nd loan stayed with Chase. This short sale was very difficult because..." See more

Marc Aguilar
Bought three homes with Brent and sold two homes with Brent

“The year is 2013. It is a seller's market in San Diego, California. Inventory is low. Homes are receiving up to 30 offers where only one buyer may emerge victorious after a long emotional negotiation over the home of their dreams. Traditional families pursuing a loan for their home are at a disadvantage against cash buyers/investors with no loan contingency. How can a growing family dream of obtaining a home that meets their needs in this cutthroat market?" See more

Eric Kaelberer
Bought a home with Brent

“We are coming up to our 2nd anniversary of ownership of our "get-away" condo, our "little slice of paradise" in Carlsbad. We are not rich folks at all and bought a 1 bedroom/1 bath condo, yielding Brent one of the smallest commissions he's probably received in a long time. But you'd never know it by the tremendous level of service he provided. He took the time to truly listen to us, to help us find the right place, and when closing happened, with what I presume was a fairly standard contract, he took the time to go through every detail..." See more

Theresa Allison
Sold a home with Brent

“If you want a real estate agent who is ethical, honest, hard-working, knowledgeable, communicates effectively and very often, someone with a sense of humor who can make a bad day better, someone to fight for you at every turn with the banks if needed, who will take on any other agent who is unethical, and only has YOUR best interest at heart, then I highly recommend Brent Humpherys with Humpherys Homes & Estates..." See more

Rebecca Stone
Bought a home with Brent, then sold a home with Brent
Dual Agency Client

“I worked in real estate in New York before moving out to California, so when I say that Brent is the most tenacious, ethical, brilliant, and down-right friendly agent I've ever known, those adjectives hold a lot of weight.

As our short sale agent, he fought the bank for six months (many times calling up the chain, contacting multiple executives, demanding that they hold firm to their legal obligations, etc.) and just would not let the short sale..." See more

Kerry & Jan Waite
Sold a home with Brent

“Having bought and sold several homes over the years, we decided to pull up stakes and move across the country to an east coast state. We put a deposit on a home we found on the internet, then chose Brent Humpherys to sell our home in So. California. The first people to look at our home made an offer which we accepted. With a 30 day escrow! With the current reticence of lenders to lend, Brent kept on their tails like a hound after a fox. Thanks to his dedication and persistence we were able to meet all our deadlines and make our move. Thanks, Brent!"

Sandy & Beth Bertelsen-Purtirka
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent

“Brent was referred to us from a friend who had previously worked with him. Brent is extremely personable, easy to work with and works on the client's timetable. When issues arise, we found Brent to be right on it to obtain resolution; always courteous, yet firm when needed in tough situations. We would recommend Brent to anyone in need of a real estate agent. We hired him as the listing agent on the sale of our home, as well as our buyer's agent on our subsequent purchase. He is wonderful!!!!"

Shawn Reilly
Sold two homes with Brent and bought with Brent

“I like Brent; I like Brent a lot. I would not normally hire anyone I like to sell my house. I want someone who is really going to work for me and represent what is in my best interest and fight for me in a transaction. That is what Brent does; it is never what's in it for Brent. Here's the bottom line: We've worked with Brent three times. Brent has sold two homes for my wife and me; and both homes were sold for way above market. Beyond that, he helped us buy a home in a market that was extremely difficult to find anything at the time..." See more

Charlie & Yvonne Sinnen
Bought a home with Brent

“If you are looking for partner in the home buying process that delivers an excellent experience Brent is your best choice. We are experienced in real estate purchases, but Brent brought a new level of consultation and support. He is there before, during, and after to make sure you are satisfied and pleased with your decision."

John Olson
Bought a home with Brent

“Brent is a topshelf agent! He helped our family relocate from San Marcos, CA to Murrieta, CA. He is highly proficient at his craft, very easy to work with, and is committed to the highest level of ethics. He personally drove up to our new area many times during our hunting process. I will absolutely use him again for future real estate needs!"

Charlotte Lauder
Bought a home with Brent
International Relocation

“Brent Humpherys of Humpherys Homes & Estates, is truly an exceptional realtor. He ensures through thorough questioning and listening, that he understands the type of property you are looking for. Then he goes and finds it! No task to small to ensure that your purchase goes smoothly. My husband and I, were so grateful to Brent. As international buyers, the US housing market and processes were completely different to those that we were used to, and Brent guided us through it seamlessly and with much laughter. We would highly recommend Brent to any person buying or selling, and we have. Thanks Brent."

Robert Thomas
Sold a home and bought a home with Brent

“I used Brent's services as both my seller's agent and as my buyer's agent for homes changing ownership in two different cities at the same time in 2007. These transactions required that he coordinate with several other agents. His knowledge of the market, contacts, and professionalism managed both transactions very smoothly. I have complete trust in his capabilities."

Karen Hansen
Sold a family home with Brent

“When I called upon Brent to get a referral for an agent willing to deal with my elderly mother's nightmare real estate situation, I never dreamed he'd be willing to take it on personally. I thought it was too "low end" for a broker of his caliber. He treated her property with the same diligence and integrity he gives to his multimillion dollar listings. It was a long process, with crazy paperwork and legal issues. Plus he had to deal with potential buyers and agents that were very difficult, to put it mildly. He didn't let them rattle him..." See more

Gayle Mestel
Working with Brent as a Trusted Advisor

“Even though I was not looking to buy or sell properties, I turned to Brent as a trusted expert when I had some real estate-related questions. He was patient, knowledgeable and kind and in no way tried to pressure me to make any type of buy or sell decision. He researched my questions and responded to me in a timely manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brent in any capacity."

David & Deb Straight
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent
Dual Agency Client.

“Brent helped us sell and purchase homes. He has always been respectful, on time and was a real problem solver for us. He gave us great advice on how to manage the details with closing, how to negotiate for a better purchase price, and even worked with us to help us get out of our old home and into the new one within our deadline.

Brent is just an honest guy. He knows how to negotiate for his buyer or seller and we had a great experience with him. He was our seller's agent at one property and helped us buy another. We really appreciate his honesty and he's an ethical Realtor. It's easy to see how he made it thru the 2008 economy - the better ones did. I would highly recommend him for one reason – I trust him."

Sean Jenkins
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent and I have been friends for almost 10 years. I say that as our friendship truly was born out of a transaction. And to be honest, the fact that it has taken me this long to write this recommendation is crazy!!! In 2005, I was in the Mortgage industry financing new construction homes. I found myself helping friends and colleagues buy and sell real estate while making a lot of money along the way. After missing 2 1/2 years of real estate growth, I finally jumped into a property in Menifee. Once the keys were mine, the intent was to..." See more

Marc Caproni
Bought a home with Brent

“I knew I would have a small window of time to find a new home in North San Diego County once our home in San Francisco closed escrow. A friend referred me to Brent, and in short order Brent identified our criteria for our new home in preparation for a four day house hunting trip. My wife & I reviewed nearly 100 listings online and settled on 25 homes to tour. Brent treated my wife & me like VIP's. I can best describe the service he delivered to us that week as a “housing consultant.” Brent proved invaluable in helping us refine..." See more

Kawaipiolani K.
Bought a home with Brent

“Nearly 2 years ago my husband and I were looking for a little "retreat" condo, a get-away place. Brent treated us like royalty, even though our purchase and his commission from it was probably the smallest he collected all year. My husband is a pastor of a church in the Inland Empire and for us, money is tight. Brent listened, truly LISTENED and he CARED. He advised us so very well about what to look out for and took the time to truly care about our needs. Then came closing and he read every word of the contract..." See more

Larry & Susan Erikson
Bought a home with Brent and sold a home with Brent

“If you need the kind of Realtor who can successfully identify your idea of “home,” and who will go the extra mile to help you secure that home, and do so while being highly professional, market savvy, and consistently gracious, you need Brent Humpherys, owner of Humpherys Homes & Estates. He patiently worked with us for seven months to find the perfect home, always cheerful and encouraging, and stayed on top of a difficult escrow as a creative diplomat between parties, and staunch defender of our legal position. He is a man of integrity and honor. We highly recommend Brent, and are confident you will find him to be the consummate expert Realtor."

Ryan Lauder
Bought a home with Brent

“Brent was amazing. His energy and passion in helping us find a house here in Carlsbad was brilliant. We were relocatiing from the UK, so really needed his help to guide us through the process and look out for us. He was with us every step of the way and always offered to matter what it was. He really did go the extra mile and his balance of professional services alongside friendship was refreshing in a Realtor (or Estate Agent we call them back home!). I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Brent if you're looking for a committed, professional and fun Realtor here in San Diego County."

Cynthia Fleming
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent Humpherys from Humpherys Homes & Estates has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He managed to receive 10 offers within 24 hours of listing my home for sale! To pull that off in this type of market is astonishing. Setting aside his stellar marketing abilities, he’s a wiz when it comes to loans, foreclosures, short sales and negotiating. However, the best thing about Brent is his attitude. He’s always happy, laughing and full of stories. He clearly loves what does, and I loved working with him because of it!"

Melissa Van Dyken
Sold a home with Brent

“There are not enough words to express what an amazing experience it was to work with Brent Humpherys in the sale of our home. We came into it with very little knowledge about the process, and he walked us through it carefully every step of the way. Brent genuinely cares about your family's particular needs and he will go above and beyond to take care of them. His careful attention to the marketing of our home resulted in 32 offers and a sale that sold about $150,000 above the most recent home sale in our area. Brent is very..." See more

Bob & Alice Sarazen
Bought a home with Brent

“To Those Needing a Great Realtor: We SO recommend Brent Humpherys! Here is why: When we were ready to buy a home, Brent was right there for us. He listened to our wants, needs, desires in a home, and he immediately went to work to find us that home. He really cares. He is honest. He listened to what we liked or didn’t like, and when we wanted to see a certain home, not only was he very well informed about the house, he also cared enough to state if he felt we would be financially tight if we bought that certain home..." See more

Wendy Gonzalez
Bought a home with Brent Testimonial being updated.

“My family and I loved working with Brent! He was so positive and upbeat the whole time. I think he even smiled more than I did (That's impressive). He seemed to be happy doing what he loves to do. Along with his great personality, his knowledge of real estate seemed second to none. He really broke everything down so I knew what to expect each step of the way. In the end it did not work out, at no fault to Brent. The timing was just off with family issues taking persistence. I know when the timing is right we would not go to anyone else for our real estate needs. Anyone would be in great hands, especially new home buyers, with Brent Humpherys."

Tom & Kathleen Connelly
Sold a home with Brent and bought with Brent

“Tom and I are so grateful to be moving into our new condo in San Marcos. We wanted to be closer to our grandchildren and church and we needed to do it quickly. It wouldn't have been possible with out the expertise and help of our Realtor, Brent Humpherys. Brent also shared with us that he could market and sell our out-of-area home in Hemet, CA. We were surprised he'd want to help us on the selling end, too, but that's what he did. He arrived with a professional photographer, studied our community and sold our home for..." See more

Mike & Robin Morton
Sold a home with Brent

"Brent Humpherys proved to be an amazing Realtor for us. He made the process of selling our home very smooth. My wife and I really enjoyed his attention to detail and level of communication during the listing and escrow process. Brent puts his clients first. This was evident through his accessibility. We needed someone who could answer the tough questions and be available as needed. His people skills are top notch. He brought his years of experience and tools necessary to make our experience a great one! We would go through Brent again whether selling or buying home in the future."

Tai Le & Keanna La
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent was great. We appreciate Brent's expertise and responsiveness in selling our home. Brent is dedicated and very passionate about his work. We would highly recommend Brent."

Andrea Chinn-Parillo
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent is a delight to work with. He is always professional and does what he says he will do. What I most appreciate is how responsive he is. Any time I emailed him, he would respond almost immediately. He is very friendly but will push when it is necessary to get the deal done. I would highly recommend Brent and look forward to working with him again soon."

Maroula Bratakos
Sold a family home with Brent

“I was so lucky to find Brent to help me sell my mom's condo. He was easy to work with and full of energy. Brent loves real estate and really knows his profession. I appreciated the honest opinions he provided and the thoughtfulness with which he listened to my needs and goals. Never pushy, his number one goal was to make me happy. He always responded to prospective buyers exactly as I requested. Always accessible, communicating with Brent was the right mix of emails, phone calls and text messages. He made sure that somebody was always available to meet a contractor or do whatever was necessary to get the condo ready for sale. I highly recommend Brent."

Wendy Grebbien
Sold a family home with Brent

“Brent Humpherys was my elderly dad's agent for the sale of his house. I felt perfectly safe and confident in using Brent Humpherys as an agent. I knew that Brent would treat my dad fair, and with integrity, and that he did! It was great knowing that Brent was always looking out for my dad's best interest, and that he was someone we all could trust. I never felt like I had to look over his shoulder to make sure he was doing his job. We were 100% pleased with Brent's service and professionalism. He did a great job! He is now our go-to man for any future real estate needs"

Jennifer Capdeville
Bought a home with Brent

“Brent pulled some fancy techniques to get us into escrow...contingent on the sale of our home, in a market with nearly no homes for sale and when the listing agent had a buyer with an offer in play. Due to Brent's dedication & knowledge, the deal worked out! Thanks Brent!"

Shannon Nelson
Sold two homes with Brent

“Counting our Blessings from 2013
This time of the year I like to count my Blessing from the prior year. One of the greatest gifts we received in 2013 was working with Brent Humpherys and Humpherys Homes & Estates! This story started back in 2012 when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and our lives were thrown into chaos. We were told he only had a few months to live and started praying he for more time with him. In early 2013 we received a notice from our first..." See more

David & Kris Dearborn
Sold a home with Brent

Both Kris and David published reviews. Kris writes:

“After spending 11 years trying to sell our home through 5 agents, we called Brent. Brent did a terrific job selling our house for us and brought us 17 offers. He got us more than what we were listed at, and he and his staff were efficient with the paperwork and were on top of the entire process. Would definitely recommend Brent for all real estate services."

David writes:

"Brent did a terrific job selling our house for us. He got us more than what we were listed at. Brent and his staff were efficient with the paperwork and were on top of the entire process. Would definitely recommend him for all real estate services."

Brandon & Sarah Baker
Sold with Brent and bought in Texas through Brent's partner agent

“We first contacted Brent almost a year to the date before deciding to list our home with him. He graciously agreed to sit down with us and honestly help us assess our situation and whether it was a good time for us to list or not. Ultimately, it was not the right time, but a year later in the fall of 2013 the value of our home had increased enough to list! Every step of the way Brent constantly went above and beyond. We were able to sell our home in two short months and had a quick 30 day close. We have, and will continue to..." See more

Victor Vazquez
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent was an excellent partner in helping us sell our house. His knowledge of the market, staging, the local area and use of digital media helped us sell our house quickly and for the best price possible. Additionally, Brent worked with our relocation management company to make this a smooth process. His integrity, willingness to listen and hard work generated the great results. Our house ended up selling for a price not previously seen in that neighborhood during the previous 5 years. I highly recommend Brent as your partner on your next real estate transaction."

Robert Novak
Bought a home with Brent

“As a first time home buyer, I hired Brent because I wanted an experienced agent that would patiently advise me through the buying process, and, more importantly, one that could ethically get our offer accepted over others on the house we wanted. I am happy to say that when we did find that house, Brent was able to competently advise me through several challenges in a multiple offer situation so that our offer was accepted, and we got the dream house. I am also happy to report that he did, and insisted upon doing so..." See more

Michael Bratton
Bought a home with Brent

“Brent was the best Realtor! I compared notes with our friends and the fact remains - Brent went above and beyond to find us the right house at the right price to meet our family's needs. As an example, the first time we met, I flew in from the East Coast on a Saturday morning. Brent met with me and took me to see more than 25 houses over that weekend alone. When I went back to the East Coast, he continued to work to find the best house for us. His work ethic, attitude, and skills are second-to-none! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to buy a home."

Levi Ahrens
Bought a home with Brent

“Brent was very diligent, responsive, and honest while helping me find and buy my first house. I would and have recommended him to others as well as I would use him again in any other real estate venture. "

Nic Pittman
Bought a home with Brent and sold a home with Brent

“I knew Brent as a friend before deciding to work with him professionally. When it was time to purchase our first house my wife and I never even considered for a moment it would be anyone other than Brent. Prior to buying our home, I was always impressed with Brent's general knowledge of real estate and the home buying/selling business. It is a very complicated world, and one in which any number of people in the loop are out to get 'their cut' and take advantage of the client. With Brent, it was fire and forget..." See more

Deepu John
Bought a home with Brent

“Brent was a great person work with - Professional & Friendly, Honest & Knowledgeable. One of the best qualities I like about him is that he was prioritizing even our smallest choices during the search. He was always prompt in responding to my queries and with completing & submitting paperwork during the process."

Mark & Gulya Walker
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent is a great realtor. He's always willing to talk to you and makes you feel like you are his only client. Brent is knowledgeable and he loves the realty business. Our condo went on the Market October 21 and escrow closed on December 7. He has a photographer that takes excellent pictures of the property and they are quickly uploaded to the internet. We highly recommend Brent Humpherys as a realtor."

William Rogers
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent Humpherys is a first class realtor! He just recently sold our home and his degree of service, attention to detail, knowledge, and professionalism were all top notch. He was absolutely superb at negotiating for my best interests and advising me how to avoid any legal headaches that could arise from the transaction. I have worked with many realtors and few exhibit the integrity and capability as Brent."

Debbie Walton
Bought a home with Brent

“My 93 year old dad and I decided to see if it were possible to buy a home- Brent was our choice as our realtor. He kept us encouraged, up to date with the process and always answered quickly to any questions we had. What a joy to have him as our friend! He is willing to give beyond his job- he is a calming humorous voice when the waiting game is taking place.
Thank you Brent!!"

Katelin Hobson
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent made the process of selling our home as painless as possible. From start to finish we appreciated his expertise, professionalism, and sense of humor."

Larry Edwards
Sold a home with Brent

“Brent is a great real estate agent! He treated the sale of our property like a special project, which he was very committed to. His communication was excellent and frequent. He helped us understand the complicated issues and was very helpful throughout the process. He was on top of everything all the time. He will work hard for you. He is very friendly and honest and will treat you like a friend. The Docusign program he uses for signing documents saved us a lot of time. We will definitely use Brent again. Thanks Brent!"

Charles Stanley
Financial Advisor & Active Referrer of Clients to Brent

“I have referred clients to Brent Humpherys of Humpherys Homes & Estates because when I refer a client, I need a "safe" professional to turn to who won't immediately try to put a sign in the ground and collect a commission. I am looking for a professional who will prioritize what's in the client's best interests and always put them and their needs first. Brent is just that kind of guy."

Christy Walker
Arizona Broker and Active Referrer of Clients to Brent

“Simply astounding. Brent Humpherys makes every client feel cherished, which is why I referred my best friend to him when handling the estate sale for their family. Brent has always shown himself to be witty, kind, engaging, caring, tech savvy, trustworthy and competent, but he truly went above and beyond this time to give his all. I heard nonstop about how amazing he was to work with throughout the entire process. To share all the details would take a book so I won't bore you, but I can honestly say he made her an advocate for life and there is no one I would trust more to serve my friends and family in Southern California. His integrity allows him to give nothing less than his all and his years of experience make him one of the most sought-after agents in the area. I'm proud to call him a colleague in the real estate business and even prouder to have him as a friend."

Jason Wood
Lender Affiliate Partner and Active Referrer of Clients to Brent

"To give a 5 star rating takes a lot to achieve from me, but Brent would get 6 if they had them.

To begin, your average Realtor is a glorified paper pusher, usually doing real estate as a retirement hobby after having completed a successful career in a completely unrelated industry. Or the spouse of a well off professional with nothing to do during the day so they got their real estate license..." See more

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